Jackson Wang, a K-pop artist who was born in Hong Kong, has a special connection to Singapore.

The former champion fencer even flaunted his tattoo of the Youth Olympic Games insignia on his left forearm during a doorstop interview with local journalists before hosting a sold-out party at nightclub Marquee in the early hours of Sunday morning (Aug. 7).

Wang, a member of the GOT7 boy band from South Korea, took part in the 2010 inaugural Games in Singapore.

His mother Sophia Chow was a gymnast, while his father Wang Ruiji won a fencing gold medal in the Asian Games. Wang was given a sports scholarship from Stanford University in the United States in 2011 because of his fencing skills, but he ultimately declined it and stopped preparing for the London Olympics to pursue a career as a K-pop trainee in Seoul.

The 28-year-old Chinese star speaks fluently in both Mandarin and English, stating that “Singapore is significant to me since it was where I did (the) first Youth Olympic Games.”

Regarding National Day on August 9, he continues, “I love you all very much and I wish you a great happy birthday.”

As part of a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board to serve as the face of the SingapoReimagine global marketing campaign, Wang will be in town through Wednesday, August 10, to record a number of travel vlogs.

At 9.15 p.m., The Straits Times arrived at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), where rows of excited spectators had gathered around viewing places set up on the mall’s parapets on both the first and basement levels.

Wang, who entered the room at around one in the morning wearing just black clothing and black sunglasses, says: “I’m delighted that they have been welcoming me ever since I arrived at the Singapore airport, despite the fact that I worry a lot since there are so many people waiting here (on Aug 2). I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

He explains that because Magic Man is his first tangible album, the release of his upcoming solo album is significant to him. “We may be considering a tour, but we’re not sure yet. Perhaps if my audience requests it, as you don’t want to have an empty tour, “He jeers.

Wang then waved to the crowd waiting outside Marquee.

When the gig was announced on July 28, the majority of the $60 for women and $80 for men tickets were sold out online; nonetheless, a long line formed outside the mall to purchase the remaining tickets, including expedited entrance tickets for $200.

A university student who only wanted to be known as Mr. Tee stood in front of the line. He got there on Saturday morning at four.

The young man, 22, says: “I brought a lot of mineral water and biscuits. Because the queue signs weren’t put up until after 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening, I literally had no idea where to stand in line. As a result, I just stood around and waited.”

Since 2016, he has become a fan of Wang because to the idol’s involvement with GOT7 and a number of variety appearances in China and South Korea.

While waiting in line, Mr. Tee and his pals took turns ordering takeaway for lunch and dinner. I really want to see him, he continues, “even though I know he’s just curating the event and not performing.”

Ms. Kowie Tan, 30, who came at MBS at 8 a.m. on Saturday, was in line a few spots behind Mr. Tee.

“I didn’t actually eat, although I did get a little break for lunch,” the interior designer, who has been following Wang since his solo album Papillon came out in 2017, adds. “I didn’t dare to leave the area in case I lost my seat in the queue.”

Despite the late hour, Wang was upbeat the entire two-hour performance, introducing and filming the artists he selected for the occasion, including beatboxer Dharni Ng, singers Laurie and Xenzu, and music producer Boytoy.

His own solo songs, such Papillon (2017) and the just-released Blow, as well as songs by other artists, like the 1996 smash No Diggity by the American R&B group Blackstreet, were played throughout the performance.

Wang could be seen dancing, drinking, bobbing his head to the music, and occasionally reaching out to fans who were holding their cameras up to get a picture of him. At one point, he also threw water into the audience.

Wang also opened a concept area for his streetwear brand Team Wang Design at the hotel Voco Orchard as part of his promotional operations in Singapore. The shop will be open through the end of August and carries the most recent summer beachwear collection from the brand.

Fans who missed him at Voco Orchard or Marquee should not give up hope.

Wang exhibited some cheeky Singlish when asked if he will soon return to Singapore, responding, “Promise lah.”

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