Maybank has announced that their cross-border QR code payment service (QR Pay) will be extended to China. This is one of the first banks to offer this service in China. According to Maybank, this cross-border QR code payment service will increase the efficiency of transactions.

More Than 8 Million Maybank Users Will Benefit

Image Credit: Soyacincau

The service will benefit more than 8 million MAE users traveling to China when it is launched. More than 700,000 local merchants will benefit from this cross-border payment service. Maybank launched the cross-border payment function earlier this year. It was first offered to users traveling to Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. The feature allows travelers to make payments with ease.

Group chief executive officer of community financial services Datuk John Chong, pointed out that Maybank is actively involved in the cross-border payment program. This can provide convenience to customers and is in line with Maybank’s M25+ development strategy to strengthen its regional position.

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