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Mayday has been accused of lip-syncing at their recent mainland concert, with netizens divided into two camps, and Chinese authorities needing time to investigate. In order to confirm that Mayday did not sing falsely, the company announced that its last concert in Paris will be broadcast live and all people will be invited to take part.

Influencer Maitian Nongfu Claims Mayday For Lip-Syncing

Image Credit: Ctwant

Mayday’s involvement in the fake singing controversy is due to the bilibili website music blogger “Maitian Farmer” who recently released a video saying that he had selected 12 songs sung by Mayday in Shanghai based on fan submissions, and identified whether they were fake or not through professional software. 

B’in Music announced that Mayday’s Paris concert will be live-streamed, starting at 8 p.m. Paris Standard Time on the 7th. Mayday’s official social media will also broadcast live on the same day.

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