Melaka Tricycle has become the first state in Malaysia to offer a cashless tricycle service, which also allows tourists to travel around Koshu easily and safely!

An Ran Hashim, a 50-year-old tricycle driver, said that the e-wallet service mentioned above will make it more convenient for tourists and help tricycle drivers save money.

“I’m very proud of the fact that the Melaka tricycle driver was the first to introduce and use the TnGo e-wallet.”

Izwan (31), a tricycle driver, said that with the e-wallet service, it is more convenient and simple, and as a tricycle driver, he can also carry less cash.

“As the payment method of e-wallet is still quite new, there are not many tourists using e-wallet to pay, but I believe it will become more common in the future.”

Tricycle driver Mohd Shafwan, 29, pointed out that he faces the problem of finding balances for tourists from time to time, and now the payment service of electronic wallets is expected to solve the problem.

“Compared with before the epidemic, with the opening of the country, income has also increased, and the fare of tricycles has not been increased for the time being, and the price remains at RM25 (short-haul) and RM50 (long-haul).

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Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Sulaiman

Suleiman said this at a press conference after presenting the Hari Raya aid to tricycle drivers at the People’s Museum this morning. Those present included State Secretary Datuk Zaidi Johari, Mayor of State State Datuk Zaina Abu and General Manager of State Tourism Promotion Bureau Shah Ali.

“Under the containment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and in line with modern needs, tourists can now choose to use electronic wallets to pay for fares when riding tricycles, which is very convenient.”

“Koshu Tricycle Driver is also the first tricycle service in Malaysia to provide payment via e-wallet. I believe this simple and easy payment method will also attract domestic and foreign tourists, thereby increasing the income of tricycle drivers.”

At this stage, there are still a small number of tricycle drivers who have not yet registered their e-wallets, and the authorities will also assist the remaining tricycle drivers to complete the relevant procedures before Hari Raya.

“As the times change, tourists prefer cashless transactions. After all, with cash in hand under the epidemic, there is also a risk of infection. Tricycle drivers should also keep pace with the times and make good use of electronic wallets to increase their income.

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