A pilot on Malaysia Airlines MH370, which was lost in 2014, may have lowered the plane’s landing gear in the final seconds of the flight, the British newspaper The Times said, citing a new analysis. According to the report, there may be criminal intent behind this.

MH370 may have in high speed and crashed on purpose

Image Credit: Bbc

As The Times reported, it was stated that MH370 may have in high speed and crashed deliberately, according to the latest analysis by British engineer Richard Godfrey and American MH370 wreckage hunter Blaine Gibson.

Gibson found a trunnion door of MH370 in a fisherman’s home on Madagascar’s island. According to the analysis of Richard and Blaine, the hatch component had four near-parallel, penetrating cuts extending from the inside to the outside. To cause this cut would have required extreme force until just before the flight was terminated. And when an aircraft needs to make an emergency landing on water, pilots usually do not lower the landing gear because this would cause the landing gear to be inserted into the water, breaking the contact between the fuselage and the water and increasing the risk of the aircraft disintegrating.

MH370 lost contact while flying to Beijing on March 8, 2014. On March 24 of the same year, Prime Minister Najib announced that the airliner had ended up in the southern Indian Ocean. On January 29, 2015, the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA) presumed that all those on board were killed in the crash of flight MH370.

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