After being selected as one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People Of 2022, Malaysian international film star Michelle Yeoh has been selected as TIME’s Icon of the Year 2022 and is the first Asian film star to be featured on the cover of the latest issue. Michelle Yeoh also commented in English on social media, “I am blessed”

Michelle Yeoh is a major Asian movie star

Michelle Yeoh
Image Credit: Says

In its profile of Michelle Yeoh, Time noted that she has been a major Asian movie star for many years and a giant in the glory days of Hong Kong action movies, and has starred in countless classic film productions that have earned her fame.

Michelle Yeoh has successfully entered the Hollywood market in her early years, and this year she has been recognized for her performance with the movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, and many critics see her as one of the favorites to win the Oscar next year.

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