Mickey Huang
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Taiwan’s famous host and entertainer Mickey Huang was exposed on the 19th of this month for forcibly kissing a young girl to take nude photos and other sexual harassment. He apologized in a live broadcast and lost contact after that. He was admitted to the hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Mickey Huang was supposed to host the local Ministry of Transportation and Tourism’s “2023 Taiwan Midsummer Tourism Festival promotional press conference” on the 21st of this month, but the host has changed to Cai Shang-Hua.

Mickey Huang Uploaded Three Videos To Apologize

Video Credit: Taiwan SETNEWS Live Channel

Mickey Huang uploaded three videos to apologize. 

Mickey Huang revealed in the video that since he met his wife Summer Meng, he has been trying to change himself. He said he could constantly try to change to adjust and untie the knot in his heart, but it is difficult to cover up anything.

Mickey Huang confessed that his character originated from his mother cheating on him with someone else when he was 10 years old, which had a great impact on him and did something that felt very blind, which must have been full of pleasure at the time, but now it’s too late to apologize.

Mickey Huang stressed that his wife Summer Meng was completely unaware of these things and hoped that people would continue to pay attention and help her. He also wants to say sorry to his daughter.

Exposed By Blogger For Sexual Harassment

Mickey Huang
Image Credit: Uweekly

A blogger wrote on social media on the 19th of this month, “I wanted to bring this secret to the coffin” of the unpleasant memories. She said she was 17 years old when she met a senior in the showbiz. The person’s image was kind, harmless, and also very musical and artistic connotation. The blogger said she was grateful to him for encouraging her to create and play her songs on the radio station he hosted. But than he suddenly ran down to the dormitory building and asked her to get in the car and kiss her without asking her will and said he liked her. The blogger was so scared that she couldn’t speak and didn’t know how to react.

After the incident, the male host sincerely apologized and she accepted. Once, the other party invited her to meet in the hotel room and mentioned in casual conversation that he wanted to hold an art exhibition and asked her to take off her top and take pictures and repeatedly emphasized that it was art and would not look nude or remind people of pornography, but later also felt regret and fear.

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