After being taken off the ventilator, mirror dancer Lee Kai Yin, who suffered serious injuries when a large LED screen crashed on him on July 28 during a concert by the well-known boy band, made his first speech.

The dancer-choreographer, also known as Ah Mo, has undergone a series of operations and has been in intensive care since the accident.

He still has a dismal prognosis, though, and is apparently going to be paralysed from the neck down.

Since their return to Hong Kong to care for their son, Derek Li, his father, a Baptist minister who immigrated to Canada with his wife, has been posting updates on social media.

He stated in a post from last Saturday that his son had been downgraded from critical to serious.

The 27-year-old, who was speaking through his father, said: “I have accepted that I will need to receive treatment in a hospital for a very long period and I will face the future calmly.”

As his son continues to confront difficult obstacles on his path to recovery, the pastor also pleaded for prayers.

Several causes, including the usage of a subpar wire cord, a weight issue involving the screen, an improperly fitted rope guard, and a snapped screw, were identified last month by the task group looking into the accident.

A source told the Hong Kong publication South China Morning Post that the LED screen’s reported weight was less than half of its actual 500kg. – the Asia News Network and The Straits Times


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