Ahmad Zahid’s 47 charges were dropped and Muhyiddin questioned about it. Muyudin questioned whether the prosecution was instructed by the “above” to release Muyudin. He pointed out that the prosecution had previously proved that Ahmad Zahid was guilty, but now applied to the court for the release of Ahmad Zahid, and now everyone is confused.

Does this mean that the evidence given by the prosecution is invalid? Muhyiddin said it would be a blot on the Malaysian judicial system if the prosecution were instructed by his superiors to do it.

Ahmad Zahid's Release Could Shake Investor Confidence In Our Justice System

Ahmad Zahid
Image Credit: Cincai

Muhyiddin believes that Anwar needs to bear the responsibility for the damage done to our judicial system. The release of Ahmad Zahid will shake investors’ confidence in our judicial system. Muhyiddin urged the people to review the unity government, which should uphold the rule of law and the supremacy of the Constitution.

The prosecution’s application means that Ahmad Zahid is officially released, but the prosecution still has the right to re-subpoena Ahmad Zahid if there is any new evidence.

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