PKR vice-president Amirudin Shari revealed that Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin had proposed to him previously to get PH Selangor reps to defect to bring down the PH state government. It includes giving him RM10,000 per month and providing a position in government-linked companies (GLCs)

Reject To Get PH Selangor Reps Defect

Ph Selangor Reps
Image Credit: Cnbc

Amiruddin recounted this personal experience when he attended a political lecture organized by the Pakatan Harapan at the Padang Serai, where he stood for Mohammad Sofee, and criticized Mulyuddin for not campaigning on a “clean and stable” platform.

He said that he is not a traitor and therefore rejects such political actions. He also appealed to the voters of Padang Serai to reject the PN candidate Azman, who originally belonged to the Justice Party but defected to the PPBM two years ago.

Video Credit: NST Online

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