The National Service Scheme (PLKN) was abolished in 2018, and now, the government has decided to relaunch the National Service Program. Defense Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Hassan said the training will last for 45 days and will be conducted at existing military camps.

13 Locations Can Be Used As National Service Program Locations

National Service

Mohammad Hassan said there are now a total of 13 Reserve Army barracks available to be used as locations for the national service program, with a total capacity of 20,000 cadets. The Cabinet in 2021 has approved to study of the new approach of PLKN. The national service program will enable young people to understand the principles of nation-building.

The national service program will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will be conducted in schools and will be able to strengthen the existing uniformed groups program, which will target Form 4 students.

Students will enter Phase 2 after sitting for the SPM. Cadets are welcomed by other organizations after training. Phase 2 of the National Service Program lasts for 45 days only and 90% of the program is a module of a military nature while the other 10% is on constitutionalism.

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