In conjunction with the George Town Art Festival in July, The George Town Art Festival and Hin Bus are holding a “tranced contest” on 9 July at the Bus Depot.

It is understood that 131 people signed up to attend, but more than 90 replied to confirm their attendance. However, on the day of competition, only 52 participants participated, based on the fact that some participants were diagnosed with COVID-19, were ill or otherwise unable to attend. The game lasts about an hour.


According to the rules of the competition, the competition is open to persons aged from 5 to 80. During the competition, competitors are not allowed to wear sunglasses or wear clothing to cover their faces. Mobile phone use, listening to music and eating are also forbidden during the competition.

Competition staff will check each participant's heart rate every 15 minutes. If the participant's heart rate exceeds 100 beats per minute, he/she will be eliminated.

The person with the smoothest heartbeat per minute will be the winner and win a hotel stay worth RM752.


Three judges will be assigned to patrol the scene. If any contestant is found violating the rules, they will be given a “red card” before the meeting and the contestant will be eliminated from the competition. At the same time, blood oximeters are checked on participants' hands every 15 minutes to make sure their heart rate is below 100.

Less than a minute into the competition, a contestant was eliminated for not complying with rules and regulations.

As the minutes ticked by, after half an hour of the tranced competition, only about 28 participants remained in a daze.

When there were only 24 minutes left in the competition, a participant suddenly felt unwell and collapsed directly on the field, requiring on-site medical staff to check the situation. It is understood that the contestant suffered from foot cramps after maintaining the same sitting position for a long time.

With 24 minutes remaining in the tranced contest, a participant suddenly felt unwell and collapsed. He was immediately examined by medical staff


After an hour, there were still 13 strong players on the field, in order to be able to split the winner, the assembly decided to extend 15 minutes, to split the winner.

Finally, by the Chinese woman Mary Tang, with the most stable heartbeat, that is, to maintain the performance of 73 beats per minute, become the “king of daze”.


Mary Tang (left) receives the grand prize from Hin Bus Depot Manager, Miss Lee Lai Kuen. Mary Tang beat 51 others to win a hotel stay worth RM752.

In the results of the release of the moment of relaxation, Mary Tang for their success in the “daze king” feel incredible.

Because she had to stay in the same position for an hour and 15 minutes, she wanted nothing more than to stretch and stretch after finishing the race, lamenting how painful it was to stay in the same position for so long.

In addition, Weng Jing Shi, one of the eliminated contestants, said in an interview that she remained in the same position for an hour and was shocked when the competition was announced to be extended for another 15 minutes.

She said it was painful to hold a position for an hour, and she was paralyzed after the race. From then on, she learned that she had to sit in a comfortable chair to win.

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