Neon Borneo Festival is based on the concept of a music festival that incorporates both local and international artists alike. The theme of the Neon Borneo Festival will be based on atmospheric neon lighting and neon decorative elements.

Neon Borneo Festival

Neon Borneo Festival will also be elements of Sarawak’s cultures in the event such as traditional performances and also the selling of traditional Sarawakian food and beverages. The goal of the Neon Borneo Festival is to attract tourists and also encourage domestic travel to Miri City.

Furthermore, Neon Borneo Festival is keen to transform Miri City into an entertainment venue powerhouse in the near future, especially with the geographic positioning of the city in the middle of Borneo’s North Coast.

More Artist and fun activities this year!

Neon Borneo Festival
Presenting to you DJ QUEEN T is coming to Neon Borneo Festival to hype up Miri City!
Queen T, formerly known as DJ Tiana, is now one of the most demanded female DJ in Malaysia. Started as a EDM DJ and touring around Malaysia, Queen T has been recognised as a “Technical DJ’ with her fast mix and open format mix.
Nen Borneo Festival
Presenting to you DJ CK Crossfinger is coming to Neon Borneo Festival to hype up Miri City!
DJ CrossFinger formerly known as C.K, he was born on the 28th of November and was raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He get involved in music scene by the age of 19 has been influenced by many genres of music from the early 90’s till present. CrossFinger playing a wide range of Hip-Hop, RnB, K-Pop, Dirty Dutch,commercial Top40, Trap, and electronic dance music (EDM).

Why Neon Borneo Festival Day 3 Ticket is Much More expensive?

Neon Borneo Festival
Yoyoyo! I believe many of their NBF fans, no matter if you have bought their ticket or are considering. I think you have a doubt in your heart!
Why the day 3 ticket is much more expensive? It more than triple on day 1 and day 2!
They have a” big guy “coming to their DAY 3 of Neon Borneo Festival 2022! They can’t reveal now, but they can guarantee you he/she is “BIG” enough and he/she is an INTERNATIONAL DJ!
So, grab your early bird ticket now! Because when this Dj confirms, indeed the price of the ticket will rise so fast!
Wait what?!! The regular price now for 3 Days Bundle is RM307!
But the EARLY BIRD price now is RM199!
So, faster, grab it before the ticket price rises!

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