The British royal family Prince Harry and his wife Meghan filmed a documentary for Netflix named “Prince Harry and Meghan” which premiered on December 8. The two attended a dinner held by the Kennedy Foundation on the 6th and were questioned, “destroy the royal family what do you think”, and “you see money as more important than family, Do you?”

Video Credit: Good Morning Britain

Prince Harry Was Questioned

Prince Harry
Image Credit: Nbc News

When Prince Harry and Meghan were about to enter the dinner venue, a man suddenly shouted: “Meghan, how does it feel to destroy the royal family?” Although the two did not pay much attention, the atmosphere was awkward when the man still continued saying, “Meghan, you destroyed the royal family”. Although the two couples did not respond directly, in the scene in the film can be heard Harry says, “so many questions.”

The first three episodes of the documentary were released on December 8, and the other three episodes will be broadcast on the 15th.

Image Credit: Extratv

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