Image Credit: My Truth Media

Taiwan Comedian NONO Chen was charged for sexual assault and sexual harassment of a number of women. The Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office said three cases will not be prosecuted due to insufficient evidence. As for the other seven cases, due to the case of non-jurisdictional, will be transferred to the Shihlin District Prosecutor’s Office (NONO residential location) for investigation.

Nono Faces Five Charges

Image Credit: Life

NONO is facing 5 charges, which include sexual assault, sexual molestation, attempted sexual assault, forcible indecent assault and sexual assault of an underage girl in this fiasco. The prosecutor, while listening to the 10 victims, concluded that three of the victims had only a single aspect of the accusation from the woman, which NONO also denied, and that there was a lack of other evidence to support the woman’s claims, and therefore the three cases were not prosecuted.

The prosecutor spent 2 months to summon a number of victims and witnesses to appear in court to explain, in order to clarify the facts. 

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