In response to a report published in the New Straits Times about Mossad agents abducting Palestinian men in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Chief Superintendent Azmi confirmed that the NST editor had been summoned to assist in the investigation.

Azmi said that due to the sensitivity of the case, he did not want the public to speculate too much on the case and did not want the investigation to progress without delay. He also added that improper dissemination of information would jeopardize the safety of the witnesses. As the names of several witnesses have already been released, this is very detrimental to the police investigation.

New Straits Times reports case involving foreign intelligence agency

Nst Editor
Image Credit: Kwang Wah

Azmi said the case is currently being investigated as a kidnapping case. The media outlet reported the case involved foreign intelligence agency that interfered with the investigation. Police are still investigating the suspects, and it is not clear how the media went about their message. When the report mentioned Mossad, it interfered with their investigation.

Azmi also said that if there were any developments in the case, the police would release them to the public. He wanted to maintain the security and confidentiality of the investigation and wanted the progress of their investigation to be unhindered.

According to a report in the New Straits Times, Mossad agents infiltrated the country to set up an investigation team to try to kidnap two Pakistani men.

Video Credit: Buletin TV3

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