One Punch Man- Garou Arc

One Punch Man- Garou Arc Completed After 7 years

After seven years, One Punch Man– Garou Arc finally came to an end. Bong (Silver Fang)’s former apprentice, Garou, is first introduced with the Monster Society, earning him the title “Hero Hunter” due to his goal of being a hero.

Wrapping up in a massive battle with Saitama – a fully monsterized Garou escalated to a God Threat – the two engage in a battle that transcends time and space. While the chapter is over, manga fans will still learn about the fate of Garou, as Yusuke Murata has revealed that the next chapter will explore the aftermath of Orochi and Garou.

While it’s a bit bittersweet to see such a long arc come to an end, One Punch Man readers are likely ready to learn about the new heroes and enemies teased in the saga.

One Punch Man- Garou Arc
Image Credit: One, Yusuke Murata
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