Pm Candidate
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With the 15th general election just around the corner, Pakatan Harapan General Secretary Saifuddin Nasution has announced that Anwar will be PM candidate for Pakatan Harapan. He said that Anwar is the best Finance Minister in Asia and the hope of Malaysia.

He also said that they shouldn’t fight just to put some people to sit as Prime Minister. Pakatan Harapan felt that it had to put forward a candidate that is capable of being Prime Minister to deal with the various crises in the country.

Anwar Is The Right PM Candidate

Pm Candidate
Image Credit: The Interview Asia

Saifuddin said that the country’s economy was in recession and that being prime minister was a major responsibility, and they had to put forward a competent person to do so. It is also important that relations between the communities in the country are properly managed. Pakatan Harapan agreed to nominate Anwar as the candidate for Prime Minister.

He expressed his confidence in the success of Pakatan Harapan in Putrajaya. He also said that the allocation of seats had been completed, but the results had not been announced. The negotiations with the electoral partners, MUDA and the Socialist Party are expected to be completed in two or three days.

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