Netflix documentary “Prince Harry and Meghan” aired 3 episodes on the 8th of this month. The content mainly criticized the British media for frantically tracking and harassing the couple and the royal family’s failure to protect Meghan and the late Princess Diana. According to a survey conducted by the British media after the release of the documentary, nearly half of the public wants Harry and Meghan to be removed from their title, as well as Harry to be removed from the throne.

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First public survey of Netflix documentary "Prince Harry and Meghan"

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According to the Mail on Sunday, the first survey after the documentary “Prince Harry and Meghan” was released, 44% of respondents wanted their title removed, while 19% disagreed. Regarding whether Harry should be removed from the line of succession to the throne, 42% of respondents said he should be kicked out, while 23% disagreed.

The survey also shows that people of different ages have very different views on Harry and Meghan. 51% of people over 65 years old think their titles should be removed, while only 16% of people between 25 and 34 agree that the titles should be removed, which also shows that young people are more tolerant of the couple.

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