Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber want to show there is no quarrel between them by posing for a photo at the Academy Museum Gala.

The 30-year-old singer and 25-year-old Hailey (who is married to Selena’s ex-boyfriend, pop star Justin Bieber) were delighted to be photographed by Tyrell Hampton at a party in Los Angeles on Sunday Oct 16.

"A Plot Twist" as Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber At Peace

A source said: “Selena and Hailey were both very chill at the Academy Museum Gala. They both moved on and were happy in their own lives. They want to show the world that there is no longer any discord or unpleasant feelings between them.”

Justin, 28, married Hailey in 2018 and is also said to be glad they managed to mend their relationship.

An insider told Entertainment Tonight: “Justin is happy that they can both move on and that everyone can be at peace with each other.”

Tyrell posted the photo on his own Instagram account and captioned the image: “Plot twist”

Hailey became the target of abuse by Selena fans on social media after she started dating Justin.

But the model recently revealed on a podcast that she hadn’t spoken to Selena about addressing the issue.

She shared: “I would say that she’s been in the industry a lot longer than I did, and maybe she knows something, like, that’s not going to solve anything.”

Still, Hailey insists she and Selena have no issues.

She also slammed the idea that she’d be somewhere between the Selena and Justin.

Hailey said: “That’s why I’m like, it’s all respect. It’s all love.

“That’s why I feel like if everyone around us knew what was going on and we were fine and we could walk away from it with clarity and respect, then, like, that’s fine.”

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