Somphote Ahunai is a former securites trader. He started a renewable energy outfit Energy Absolute in 2006 and took the company public in 2013. The company expanded into energy storage. It has a 3 billion dollar worth of battery gigafactory.

Energy Mahanakorn is the subsidiary of Energy Absolute. It has built 1855 charge stations for electric vehicles across the country. Its subsidiary, Mine Mobility, produced a five-seat electric car while another subsidiary, Absolute Assembly Company, produces electric busses, and electric passenger ferries.

Somphote Ahunai, Thailand version of Warren Buffett

Somphote Ahunai, Thailand Version Of Warren Buffett

In an interview with Bangkok Times, Somphote Ahunai said that he once wanted to commit suicide as he was charged with illegally influencing the market. All of his assets were frozen. However, he resisted the urge and decided to continue his life. The reason is that he heard his 3-month-old daughter’s cries.

He gathered himself and achieved his financial targets as an independent securities trader. Despite he is the top 10 richest people in Thailand, he still lives a modest life. He stayed in a rented 4-room apartment. Besides, he wears clothes which he bought from Uniqlo during discounts.

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