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South Korean actress Song Ji Hyo joined Uzurocks Entertainment at the end of 2022 after being introduced by Ji Seok Tatsu. However, after her agency UZUROCKS Entertainment broke out in a labor dispute, she terminated her contract and filed a lawsuit over it.

After the first trial, it was ruled in favor of Song Ji Hyo. The former owner had to pay her 984 million won (about RM3,538,376) in remuneration.

Song Ji Hyo Signed Contract With UZUROCKS Entertainment Last October

Song Ji Hyo
Image Credit: Line Today

Song Ji Hyo signed a contract with agency UZUROCKS Entertainment in October last year. However, it was revealed that the company owed their employees’ salaries, and the artists’ remuneration was not settled, and were asked to leave the company voluntarily.

Song Ji Hyo terminated her contract in April this year and filed a lawsuit against her former boss Park Joo Nam in July for embezzlement. The other party said they would pay the outstanding amount, but never did.

According to Korea’s Civil Procedure Act, if the defendant fails to submit a defense within 30 days of receiving the complaint, the court can directly adjudicate the case without holding an argumentative hearing. Since the former company did not make any response after being filed, the judgment was announced on the same day.

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