Negeri Sembilan Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Negeri Sembilan FCM) medical consultant Dr. Lim Jen Kiat disclosed that the Ministry of Health (MOH) Traditional and Complementary Medicine Unit (TCMU) had issued an official letter on Dec 14 advising that traditional and complementary medicine services are subject to SST.

In addition to this, the Customs will pursue previous years’ taxes and encourage the voluntary declaration program (VDP) for practitioners. The news came as a shock to the industry.

Practitioners Hopes TCM Service To Be Exempted From SST


Dr. Lim Jen Kiat said if the SST is raised to 8% next year, it will be a burden to consumers. TCM is one of the healthcare service sectors, but Western medical practitioners registered under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 are exempted from the SST. The Federation of Malaysian Chinese Medicine Practitioners has contacted the Traditional and Complementary Healthcare Unit of the Ministry of Health (MOH), which is in the process of clarifying the matter with the Customs.

Dr. Lim Jen Kiat also said that most of the patients who visit TCM practitioners are those with limited income or financial means. If SST is imposed on TCM, it will add to the burden of the public. The industry hopes that the government will exempt TCM service from the SST, hoping TCM service will be treated equally with Western medicine and modern medical services.

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