Pork Prices
Image Credit: Borneo Today
Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Food Security of Malaysia Chan Foong Hin said that the Federation of Malaysian Pork Merchants and the Federation of Livestock Farmers’ Associations of Malaysia reached a consensus on December 28th that the pork prices in the peninsula will be maintained at RM1,380 per hundred kilograms, effective immediately until January 28th, 2023.
The problem of pork prices has been going on for a long time. Now the announcement of stabilizing the price of pigs, consumers can rest assured about buying for Chinese New Year.

Stabilize pork prices to give consumers peace of mind for Chinese New Year

Pork Prices

Chan Foong Hin expressed his gratification to facilitate the announcement of pork merchants and farmers to stabilize pork prices. He will also meet with Salahuddin on January 3 to convey the issue of pork and other food supply during the Lunar New Year period to facilitate the formulation of unified product prices for the New Year period.

The supply of pork and the price control authority in East Malaysia are different, and Chan Foong Hin will discuss the issue of pork supply with the Sabah livestock industry.

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