Nowadays, revealing details of our life on social media is so commonplace that privacy concerns are typically ignored.

That shouldn’t be the case, though, as not all Internet users have the best of intentions. Sharing images and videos that reveal our whereabouts or place of abode can occasionally be incredibly risky because it allows stalkers a chance to locate us physically.

An terrible incident with a man who broke into and vandalised Wan Nur Syaira’s workplace after stalking and harassing her and her business for years was recently disclosed by the Malaysian businesswoman.

Unusual online behaviour

She writes in her Twitter thread that everything began in 2020 when Hisyam Azlan Johari, a mentally ill man from Terengganu, sent an email to Syaira’s business pretending to be a client.

He asked whether her office might be rented out for a product shot.

“The question he asked us seemed reasonable. It was the same as the questions we’ve received from other clients, she said.


He made further WhatsApp contacts with Syaira’s staff after the original query. This increased their mistrust of Hisyam because he was generally being disrespectful and called them at unusual hours and on their off days.

As a result of Hisyam’s disrespect for them and their working hours, Syaira eventually instructed her team to block him.

Syaira claims that she has never interacted with Hisyam.

She claimed that he had been leaving comments on her blogs and sending her Direct Messages (DMs), none of which she had taken seriously. She also claimed that she had never responded to him other than by having her staff block him.

Breaking into the office

When Syaira was about to leave the area by Grab car on September 1, 2022, Hisyam made his move and broke into her office.

She had a dreadful sense that something was wrong when she saw that the balcony door of her office was open and that her paintings were being brought to the window.

However, she was unable to accept that the security guard was referring to her unit, even when she received a call from him warning her of a man screaming in her unit.

She didn’t realise a man had broken into her office until after talking to the management.

My heart plummeted when I realised that this man has been stalking and obsessing over me online for a while, said Syaira.

Picture Sourced From Twitter

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