Taiwan's MeToo movement is causing a wave in the entertainment industry. Well-known artists Yu Sheng, Mickey Huang, Aaron Yan and NONO were exposed for sexual harassment one after another and admitted to making mistakes.

Mickey Huang has admitted to his mistake of sexual harassment in the past, and has also revealed the “secrets” of other artists, making it a big shock.

Aaron Yan Facing MeToo Revelation

Image Credit: Xuan

A KOC posted an article saying that he was 16 years old when he dated Aaron Yan and was being dominated by him, and also being secretly filmed in a sex video.

Aaron Yan also admitted that he had been in a relationship with him, and confirmed the existence of the private video, but said he did not leak the video, saying that it might have been leaked when the phone was sent for repair. Aaron Yan says he treasures the relationship between them. 

Aaron Yan appeared at the press conference of the KOC and bowed to apologize, and said that he can contact him if there are any problems or if he wants to contact him. After leaving, he said he did not do anything to force his will, moreover filming without his permission.

Nono Was Also Exposed For Sexual Harassment

Image Credit: Hk01

A female netizen posted a long article alleging forced kissing and breast groping by a well-known comedian. The accusation was directed at actor NONO, but he first denied it and said he had no recollection.

The female netizen said the incident happened when she was a young model, she was pulled into the back seat of a car by a well-known comedian who forcefully kissed her and touched her breasts, and even tried to pull down her panties. She tried her best to resist at that time.

The victim also held a press conference to explain her experience and said that after posting the article, she received private messages from more than 20 people.

NONO issued a statement after the accusation that he will immediately stop his career and reflect deeply.

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