Taylor Swift's Dispute on Private Jet's Pollution

LONDON: The famous singer, Taylor Swift was named as the biggest contributor to carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution among celebrities this year.

The rating was made through a new study which found that Swift's private jet has made 170 flights since last January.

The study, released by digital marketing firm Britain Yard, is based on an analysis of private jet flights detected by Celebrity Jets' automated flight tracker.

Taylor Swift Private Jet
Image Credti: Celeb Jets / Twitter

The Daily Mail reports that the study found that Swift's private jet recorded the most CO2 emissions during the period.

In the list, Swift beat the boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather by occupying the top spot.

In addition, other artists such as singer Jay Z, Blake Shelton, director Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg and Oprah Winfrey are also on the list of the 10 biggest contributors of CO2 among celebrities.

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