Developed by Softstar Entertainment Inc, the first-person covert horror game “The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation“, which was adapted from the thriller movie “The Bridge Curse“, will be officially released on the Steam platform at 25th August together with the latest promotional video.

The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation Horror Games Based on Movie “The Bridge Curse”

The Bridge Curse Road To Salvation
Image Credit: Steam

“The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation” is based on the horror legend on the campus of Donghu University. It describes six students rehearsing for the new year’s courage test, taking risks and challenging all kinds of taboos about the bridge of female ghosts. Legend has it that at 12 midnight, there will be one more step on the ladder, and the female ghost senior will show up to ask for her life.

Facing the fear brought by unknown ghosts, in addition to running around to find a way to save her life, the complex and changeable interpersonal relationships under the table also bring Variables, the jealousy and suspicion of human nature and the true feelings hidden deep will also be revealed one by one as the plot progresses.

In the game, players will play six characters, and experience the encounters and feelings of the characters from a first-person perspective. Not only the hidden gameplay and puzzle-solving games to avoid the pursuit of ghosts, but also to collect all kinds of characteristics of daily life in the campus. items, complete the collection booklet to unlock the hidden easter eggs. In addition, the official pointed out that in addition to the terrifying and terrifying atmosphere unique to horror games, “Ghost Bridge” has integrated funny elements and fun in the scene, such as graffiti in the corner of the blackboard, toilet wall message board, and familiar snacks and beverage brands, in addition to being frightened, it also makes people smile knowingly.

The Bridge Curse Road To Salvation
Image Credit: Imdb

The film begins with a black blood-stained arm. In an old photo of a yellowed battalion cadre group, the strangely twisted faces of the six members reveal an ominous atmosphere, and there seems to be a lot of story mystery behind them.

The official said: “Attracted by a large number of fans from the movie “The Bridge Curse” and many horror game players, “The Bridge of the Ghosts” has accumulated tens of thousands of wishlists on the Steam page since the game news was released.”

“The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation” was officially released on the Steam platform now and the general version is priced at NT$299 (RM34).

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