After the legendary Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei received a request from several Asian coaches.

Dato’ Wu Zhiqiang, secretary of the Badminton General Manager, also said: First of all, we need to admit that Li Zongwei is a legendary player. We are always open to Li Zongwei’s return, but so far we have not received any news from him. However, the Badminton General Manager’s door will always be open to him.

Malaysian Badminton Association
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Legendary Malaysian player Lee Chong Wei said in an interview: I can disclose that I have been invited by several countries in the industry to be their coach.

Malaysian Badminton Association: No rush to fill the vacancy

Badminton secretary Datuk Goh Chi Keong confirmed that Badminton is in no hurry to fill the vacancies left by some coaches who have left the national team in recent months, and that Badminton is expected to retain the current national coaching lineup ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Badminton Secretary Datuk Goh Chee Keong said: “As part of our sizing process, we need to study to see if we really need so many coaches. Currently, my coaches are assisting each other in various departments, and are led by our two coaches. Supervised by directors Wong Chung Han (singles) and Lexi (doubles).

The famous badminton coach in Malaysia, Datuk Misbun, believes that Li Zong is good at analyzing the game. If he wants to become an excellent coach, he must accumulate years of experience.
“Lee Chong Wei got offers from other countries to be a coach. This is an area he likes and is interested in. He is a very, very experienced player who knows how to analyze the game on the field and how to be a good player. .”

He said that going to a foreign country to teach is also good for Li Zong, and it can also let him release the pressure of his previous illness. He said that it would be difficult for Li Zongchuan to become a coach at the beginning, but now if he is determined to be a coach, it is a good thing, and he can share his experience and experience to help other players.

The coaches currently remaining in the national team are Ye Wang, Zheng Ruimu, Zodran (men’s singles), Chen Binsheng (men’s doubles), Luo Weisheng (women’s singles), Yun Tianhao, Li Mingyan (women’s doubles), Paulus and Zhang Guoxiang ( mixed doubles).

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