Li Jiachao, who resigned as Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong, went to City Gallery, 3 Edinburgh Place, Central, to submit a nomination form to run for the election of Chief Executive. Li Jiachao has won 786 nomination votes, 751 votes higher than the election threshold. At about 9:22 in the morning, Li Jiachao and Tan Yaozong, director of the campaign office, arrived at the scene. Li Jiachao holds a briefcase with the slogan “Open a new chapter for Hong Kong”.

Li Jiachao met with the media after completing the registration procedures. He revealed that he had received more than half of the 786 nominations from the selection committee, which encouraged him.

Li Jiachao said: “I have just submitted 786 election committee nomination forms to the Registration and Electoral Office to officially register for the 2022 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Executive Election. First of all, I would like to thank the election committee who nominated me. I am very encouraged by their nomination. Second I would like to thank my colleagues in the election office, who have done a lot of work, and I also thank my friends in the media for doing non-stop interviews for the past few days, thanks to you all.”

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Hong Kong Li Jiachao visits multiple party groups

When Li Jiachao met with reporters after submitting his nomination, he said that after he announced his candidacy, he had visited a number of political parties and groups, and they all agreed on their governance philosophy, including solving different problems with results as the goal; enhancing competitiveness in an all-round way, and laying a solid foundation for Hong Kong’s development Base.

As for when the political platform will be announced, Li Jiachao said that it has only been a few days since he announced his candidacy. He is currently collecting opinions and writing the political platform, which will cover the issues of concern in all aspects. He also emphasizes that he is a pragmatic person and hopes to propose ideas and measures. will be officially implemented.

When asked if the number of nomination votes has exceeded the threshold for being elected, whether he is confident that he will be elected, Li Jiachao said that obtaining the nomination of the election committee is the first step, and when the official voting takes place, each election committee must decide to vote for him, and then the election process will be officially completed. .

The 6th Hong Kong Chief Executive Election will be held on May 8. The nomination period will start on the 3rd and end on the 16th of this month.

Each candidate must be nominated by not less than 188 Election Committee members, including not less than 15 Election Committee members from each of the five constituencies of the Election Committee.

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