Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Khalid Norddin believes that Bersatu is a failed political project and it is precisely because of Bersatu that the anti-job-hopping bill needs to be tabled and sought to be passed. He noted that as many as 26 of the 39 MPs who jumped jobs joined Bersatu and some were even appointed as ministers to run the country.

When the cabinet discussed the anti-job-hopping bill, it was said that Bersatu ministers were the most direct critics of the government's proposal, but as we all know, the real reason behind it was because Bersatu felt under fire in the anti-job-hopping bill, and it was because of them that anti-job-hopping Bills need to be introduced and sought to pass.

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In a Facebook post, Khalid Norddin pointed out that the main reason for Bersatu's failure was that Bersatu chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had no “faith” in what he advocated.

“At the end of the day, Muhyiddin clearly only wants power, not a long and sacred struggle for the Malays and the motherland. The Bersatu chairman has repeatedly reiterated that Bersatu was formed to replace Umno and is determined to Bring to the Malays a party free from corruption, money politics and abuse of power.

“For Muhyiddin, Bersatu is the better choice, values-driven and ethical leadership. But until now, we haven’t seen the difference in what the party is saying, they have neither absolute awareness. There are no specific plans for race and country, or even a clear leadership style, concept and beliefs.”

Therefore, Khalid Norddin slammed that Bersatu is not offering the Malays better moral values and political options, but the appointment of leaders who betrayed voters and their parties as leaders of the country and the nation, making the people feel towards them Confused about so-called moral standards.

Umno propaganda director Shahril Hamdan also said

Umno propaganda director Shahril Hamdan believes that former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's request for the government to re-examine the definition of “job hopping” is actually just to create a smokescreen to divert people from the rampant happening during the 14th Parliament term. fundamental problem.

He wrote on Facebook today that when Muhyiddin was participating in the 2022 amendment to the Federal Constitution yesterday, he pointed out that there are many reasons for MPs to be expelled from political parties or to quit the party.

In any case, everything needs to be carefully considered by a congressional special committee established by both the ruling and opposition parties to determine what is the definition of “job-hopping” that needs to be “punished”, and what special circumstances can be exempted. “

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Shahril pointed out that, according to his observations, the members of parliament who quit after the general election did not quit because of a problem of principle, nor were they expelled and forced to find a new political party to live in, but because they were unwilling to become an opposition party.

“Some people are also reluctant to coexist with the original leader for a long time because the political party they originally represented won the election at the time, but they can only play the role of the opposition party after the election. Get a small group of supporters to follow.”

He said frankly that in a similar situation, it is not because of “principle” that he switched jobs, but “betrayal”.

He said, therefore, that is why the anti-job-hopping bill needs to be introduced, while ensuring that there is a fair, consistent and comprehensive law to follow.

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