Wang Lee Hom switched to a low profile in late 2021 after his marriage to Lee Jing Lei became a public affair and the two went through legal proceedings. He issued a statement yesterday 26th, saying that he had received a letter from the Taipei Social Affairs Bureau, saying that both he and Lee Jing Lei must protect the rights of children and must remove their posts on social media so that children can later see their disputes through social media.

Wang Lee Hom

Wang Lee Hom and Li Jing Lei have a messy divorce last year

According to Taiwan media reports, wang’s agent, said Wang and Lee she divorces agreement in Taiwan at present in the court proceedings, and recently he received a letter, the Taipei bureau of society demands the case frame under both sides of the past “you come to me to” in social media posts, to protect the rights and interests of the wang three family members, to avoid they see disputes through social media in the future.

Wang also deleted the post as soon as possible after discussing it with his lawyer. The agent added that Wang believes that in recent years, many people have put their personal disputes on social media for show trials, which is a bad example of “cyber violence”.

He yesterday 26th comply with the specifications of the Taipei bureau of society, quick to delete posts, is not only in order to protect the family, is also believe that Taiwan’s judicial impartiality, hoping to turn “fact” thoroughly from social media to court litigation, at the same time also looking forward to the future don’t appear in the network violence to trial public figures.

Wang Lee Hom

Wang Lee Hom Studio also issued a statement on Weibo, calling on all people to rationally view the removal of the post and respect the feelings and rights of the family: “If there is any false information or speech that is not true speculation or intended to mislead the public opinion, Mr. Wang Lee Hom will investigate the legal responsibility involved in accordance with the law.”

In response, a friend of Lee Jing Lei said, “Public figures should be subject to public scrutiny while gaining enormous interests, power and influence.” He also believes that Taiwan’s judiciary, like New York’s, will provide a fair and family-friendly verdict.

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