ONE Leehom Wang Taipei Concert: First Day Ticket Sales Revealed

His friends in the industry have all left their comments and praises, and the richest man in the world has also come to praise Leehom! Combining with travel websites, Leehom uses his concert to promote Taiwan tourism.

Organized by Kwan’s International, the “One Leehom Wang Concert” in Taipei Dome on September 9th (Sat) and September 10th (Sun), 2023, opened at noon on July 29th (Sat), and the ticket sales were highly anticipated.

“Chiu Li-Kwan, the CEO of Kwan’s International, said that the ticket sales were satisfactory. “The high-priced tickets are almost sold out, and many people asked for private rooms, so I’m having a headache about where I can get a private room. “If you ask me about the box office, I’ll say, “Yes. It could have been better! I’ll say, ‘Yes, it could have been better! The ticket sales have been very good, and every ticket is a support to Leehom. Leehom is very grateful, cherishes the opportunity of this Taipei stop, and will give everyone new surprises.”

Many of Leehom’s friends in the music industry have like or leave comments on his official IG post after he revealed the news of his Taipei concert, including Vivian Chow, Elva Hsiao, Wilber Pan, “Hip-Hop King” MC Jin, Ben Wu, and so on.  Vivian Chow was the guest of honor for Wang’s first concert in Taiwan, it is a reunion for them. Friends from the movie industry include Daniel Wu and Armando Bo, the screenwriter of the movie “Birdman”.

Leehom Taipei Concert
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Steve Chen, one of the founders of YouTube, and Susan Rockefeller also left their comments.  Susan said she had heard the song “If I Ruled the World” featuring Wang Leehom and Tony Bennett, the “American pop and jazz crossover god”. Susan left a message about the collaboration between Wang Leehom and Tony Bennett, the “American pop and jazz crossover god”, on “If I Ruled the World”. She said it was “Amazing, What a blessing!”

Cindy Chao, a world-renowned jewelry designer, loves Likhong’s songs and is ready to host the brand’s VVIP.

Hsu Feng, the movie “Farewell My Concubine” producer and a two-time Golden Horse actress, has always appreciated Leehom’s talent and loves him. Leehom has always called her “Auntie Hsu Feng”, and she has promised to come back to Taiwan from Shanghai on September 9 to watch the concert and support Leehom. Leehom has seen “Farewell My Concubine” 19 times, and the classic song “Hero of the World” is a tribute to “Farewell My Concubine”.

In addition, Kwan’s International will be cooperating with the travel website “” this time to make it easier for overseas audiences to purchase tickets for Leehom Taipei concert. This is to enrich the experience of Taiwan’s tourism, which is a new attempt to combine culture and innovation with tourism.

For the Taipei stop, Kwan’s International invited Hong Kong concert hall-of-fame stage designer Zhou Bingkun to join the show, developing the concert’s theme of “ONE” and using the concept of cubes, which can be presented individually or combined, to create a brand-new Taipei stage in which “a lot of ‘one’s’ are ‘everyone’s'”.

“Kwan’s International also invited Jamie Wilson, to form a “heavenly group” of international musicians to perform with Li-Hong. Casey Subramaniam on bass, Aubrey Suwito on keyboards, and Sarah Thawer on drums are also popular choices.

Chiu Li-Kwan said that the repertoire of this Taipei stop will be different from the previous two stops, and the audience can go to the Facebook FB or IG of Kwan’s International to leave their comments on what songs they would like to hear Leehom sing. The more the songs are ranked, the more chances they will be heard.

Leehom Taipei Concert
Leehom Taipei Concert
Image Credit: Kwan's International

Press Release By Kwan’s International

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