Will Lin waived his Sodagreen trademark 'Something told me it was time to move on'


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Sodagreen broke with Will Lin in 2018 and returned to the music by changing his name to “Oaeen”. Singer Wu Tsing Fong and other 6 members filed a lawsuit against Will Lin’s trademark, requesting to fight for the group name. However, due to the two days ago, Due to the registration of Sodagreen trademark, The extension and transfer of Sodagreen trademark were all managed and paid by Lin. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of people could not connect the “Sodagreen” to the six Wu Tsing Fong and other reasons, so that Wu Tsing Fong and others lost the second trial again.


Lead singer Tsing Fong split from his former mentor Will Lin.

Will Lin in yesterday, however, has issued a statement, announcement to give up the Sodagreen brand, he mentioned that he encountered is a sea music in 2003, offering “Sodagreen” 6 people, the two sides opened up for more than 10 years of cooperation relations, “unfortunately we made in separate disputes, from the lyrics copyright, brokerage contracts to trademark rights have huge cognitive divide.”

He added that he thought that seeking legal help could help both parties clarify their rights and obligations. “Unfortunately, the law helps clarify facts, but it also destroys the feelings and trust between people, which is the most difficult thing for me in the past.”

“My sole intention was to discuss the contract through law, so I have not spoken to the media for the past few years, hoping that what was originally an internal family matter would be settled through negotiation through law,” Lin said. I have always held out hope for negotiation, but unfortunately in the past several opportunities for reconciliation have passed by. Sodagreen’s name, originally to prevent piracy to register, more than a decade without controversy. This fact was confirmed by the law in both judgments, and it was clearly stated in the judgments.”

But now, he has decided to follow his heart and “it’s time to put it down”. “During the worst of the epidemic, I managed to stay at home, thinking quietly and remembering every bit of the past. I know it’s time to make a decision to let go of the past, good or bad. So I decided to give up ownership of the trademark. And wish the name the best for the future.”


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