There may be a change in schedule for the Qatar World Cup 2022. The committee is looking to start the tournament a day earlier. According to report, the opening game of World Cup 2022 may be conducted on the same day of the opening ceremony.

The opening ceremony of the tournament is set on November 20. The drawings of the fixtures have been conducted on April 1. According to the fixtures, the first match of the World Cup is between  Netherlands and Senegal.

The first match was initially set to be played  at 1pm (10:00 GMT) on November 21.

World Cup 2022 may be a 29-day tournament

World Cup 2022
Credit: The Star

However, the officials have received a proposal to extend the tournament from 28 days to 29 days. Qatari officials and South American football body CONMEBOL, has agreed with the proposal. The proposal was accepted following the talks with the Qatar and Ecuador football federations.

However, FIFA Council has yet to approve this adjustment to the schedule. Nevertheless, it is likely that it would be approved before the 100-day countdown starts.

World Cup Opening Ceremony Set to Take Place At Al Bayt Stadium

Credit: The Star

According to the recent report, the opening ceremony of Qatar World Cup will be taking place at Al Bayt Stadium. The same stadium will also be hosting the first game of the tournament.

The schedule of 2022 World Cup is unique. The tournament has a 92-year history. And this is the first time that the World Cup is to be played in November and December. 21 editions of the World Cup have all been played between late May and the end of July.

Final Day of World Cup 2022 - December 18

The decision to set the World Cup in November and December was finalised in 2015. The reason is to avoid the heat of Qatar's summer. This decision has been opposed by most European football bodies.


The dissatisfaction stems from the fact that they will have to shut down their domestic leagues for several peak weeks.

The final of the tournament will take place on December 18, Qatar’s National Day.

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