South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in is suspected of being addicted to four kinds of drugs, and his drama works and endorsement ads are affected. His acting career has been hit hard. Yoo Ah-in showed up at the police station on the 27th as the police summoned him over illegal drug use.

It is reported that the police seized two cell phones in this investigation and analyzed his call records, and forensic search found more than 10,000 related records.

Yoo Ah-In Didn't Admit Or Deny To Illegal Drug Use

Yoo Ah-In
Image Credit: Sohu

After the news of Yoo Ah-In's drug addiction broke out, he did not make any response, i.e., he did not admit or deny taking drugs. During this period, he was found to be suspected of taking the drugs propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine. The public was shocked by this.

His ads will be taken down. The movies he takes part in are also affected. Minor scenes will be deleted, or the whole film will be taken down. 

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