Health Minister Khairy told a news conference in Congress that the Department of Health is concerned about this phenomenon, especially in young people who have not been vaccinated, and the phenomenon of re-diagnosis in short intervals is more frequent. Kelly also confirmed that there have been cases where a patient has been diagnosed with the virus twice within 90 days, including a second diagnosis by his officials within 20 days.

Health Minister Khairy also said: “We have also received reports of patients re-diagnosed within 20 days in the United States, Denmark and the United Kingdom, and I have also had officials re-diagnosed within 20 days. We are studying how to prevent this, including whether through vaccination. Wait. “

In any case, according to some cases, the symptoms of the re-diagnosed patients were not severe, he pointed out. In addition, according to the Danish case, most of the re-confirmed people are infected with different strains.


In March, someone has been diagnosed twice in one month

The Chinese woman’s social media shared her experience of being diagnosed with the coronavirus twice within a month, and advised the public not to think that you can be immune for more than half a year after the diagnosis.

The woman posted on her personal Facebook account a few days ago that she had just come out of a previously diagnosed isolation, and she was diagnosed again on the 22nd. She said that after the first PCR test confirmed the diagnosis, her self-test (self-test) after the end of the isolation and “exit” showed a single line, that is, a negative (non-diagnosed) result, which gave her a sense of accomplishment.

However, after she had symptoms of Covid-19 again, the self-test results showed a positive result.

“So, I was diagnosed twice in one month, and I was quarantined for the second time in just one month.”

She then listed the symptoms one by one, including sore throat, dry throat, nasal congestion, cough, phlegm and headache.

Not only the symptoms, she said that the CT value is also lower than the previous diagnosis, which means that the infectivity has become higher, and the blood oxygen level is also relatively low. to between 95 and 96%.

She did not forget to stress again and again that even if she was diagnosed, she would be safe and unscrupulous, because the people did not know whether the first and second diagnosis were of the same disease strain.

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