Hong Kong artist Chen Chi Yiu (Yoyo) love career two proud, not only force holding in the new drama “Happy Ever After” is a woman, repeatedly accused of and Wong Ho Shun marriage red light she, earlier was also accused of improving relations, and even attended private parties, but continue to maintain a low-key style, avoid talking about family matters.


Yesterday (25th), Chen Chi Yiu posted a photo of herself holding a bunch of pink roses on social media. There were 99 of them, representing her deep love. She also asked everyone to guess who the sender was: “These flowers are so beautiful! Can you guess if I received the flowers, or I bought them for someone else? If any girls don’t like flowers, please raise your hand.”

Yoyo Chen with 99 pink roses


Netizens, of course, affirmed that it was a gift from her husband Wong Ho Shun, which praised her love: “I guess it was from your husband who loved you the most”, “beautiful girls have flowers to receive”, “Wong Ho Shun sent”, although Chen Chi Yiu did not say whether her husband sent the flowers, but Wong Ho Shun was generous praise of the post, low-key flash.

It is well known that the marital status of Wong Ho Shun and Chen Chi Yiu has been the focus of heated discussion in recent years.

The couple have been rumored to be divorcing several times in recent years, but there have also been reports that the couple are in a stable relationship, which has further complicated the status of their marriage.

But with this Wong Ho Shun specially sent out the gift, many netizens said that this is Also Chen Chi Yiu and Wong Ho Shun, once again from the side to smash the divorce rumors, in the outside world hint that the two marital status is stable.

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