The High Court resumed its hearing on the 1MDB case; Zeti testified in the court, saying that she and her family had never received any benefits from 1MDB.

Najib had appealed against a High Court ruling in the 1MDB case

Image Credit: Harakah Daily

Najib had appealed a High Court decision in July 2021, which dismissed two applications. Najib applied to compel the prosecution to disclose bank documents relating to Zeti’s family at the 1MDB hearing.

Najib also asked the prosecution to produce bank statements of several businesses, including Aktis Capital Singapore Pte Ltd, Country Group Securities Public Company Ltd, Acme Time Ltd (BVI), Butamba Investments Ltd and Central Holdings Ltd. Ltd and Central Holdings Ltd.

Najib said the companies were related to Jho Low and Zeti’s family.

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