The wind comes from the east as Lay Zhang or Zhang Yixing officially set sail on his “Zhang Yixing GRAND LINE II: INFINITE LANDS” world tour with his first stop being Malaysia last Saturday night! The EXO member took the stage at the Arena of Stars at Resorts World Genting at 8:30pm and he was definitely the brightest star among the sea of lights.

Zhang Yixing Improvised Song in Malay Named "Satay Sedap"

This concert, hosted by Qimen Dunjia and ACO MEDIA, is the largest, largest and most produced concert in Genting’s history. Zhang Yixing sang and danced on the spot, sang more than 20 songs on the dance stage in a row, and improvised a song “Satay Sedap”, which made the fans cheering constantly!

Zhang Yixing opened with the majestic “Chinese Ship”. After a series of strong songs and dances, he said hello to the fans, occasionally mixed with a few Malay words, such as “Apa Khabar” (hello), “Aku cinta padamu” (I love you), and even introduced himself as “Nama saya Lay” (my name is Lay), and expressed his pleasure to come to Malaysia to sing this time.

Zhang Yixing explained that the opening “Chinese Ship” is a little sad, because it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen the fans and I miss the fans very much. What the song wants to express is “reunion after a long absence”, and said that it is a very special thing for people who miss each other to get together. Happy things, Zhang Yixing’s short words immediately caused fans to cheer!

In the stage performance of this concert, Zhang Yixing has brought immersive performances, guitars, electric pianos, national style street dance, etc., art and music, pop and classic, M-POP music styles, and presented Chinese culture and elements on the stage. The performance also incorporates traditional Chinese musical instruments such as cucurbit flute and erhu, as well as the lyrics of Peking Opera “Farewell My Concubine” accompanied by the stories depicted in “Lotus” and “Jade”. There is also the stage presentation method of Changsha dialect, which is cultural output in the form that young people like.

Zhang Yixing brought well-known dance music such as “Lit”, “NAMANANA”, and “Call My Name”, as well as the EDM mixed group “Boss”, “Peach”, “Ambush”, “Flipped”, “mptf” and “Sheep”, which made fans super excited! In addition, he also sang several new songs from the new album “West”, including “Understanding” and “I Don’t Care”.

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