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As one of the luxury brands, Lexus has recently launched its first flagship pure electric SUV, which is the all-new pure electric 2023 Lexus RZ 450e.

If the Lexus BEV Sport is a symbol of the future of Lexus, then the RZ represents the strength that Lexus is taking one step further into the future. Lexus RZ, the R in the name stands for Radiant (radiant), the Z is Zero (zero emissions), it is an electrified product that focuses on the driving experience. 

In addition, it also has advanced electrification technology, the intelligent “DIRECT 4” electronic dynamic four-zone system, which flexibly distributes the front and rear motor driving force according to the load of the four wheels when running, and can quickly receive the driver’s command. , in order to improve the stability and handling when driving, so that the driver can be safer and more assured.

Lexus uses electrification technology to endow the vehicle with powerful performance and superior quietness (mi) to better enhance the driver’s sensory experience and achieve the integration of human and vehicle. Lexus uses electronic technology to better protect the environment and greatly reduce pollution.

Lexus RZ 450e Exterior and Interior

Image Credit:lexus.com
Image Credit: Lexus.com

The all-new Lexus RZ 450e is styled with a spindle-shaped body. The front of the RZ 450e has an arrow-shaped LED headlight group and the front face is designed with a spindle grille, which makes it look very sharp and handsome. It also has a streamlined body profile, a unique design on the rear window, and two sharp corners, which make it look domineering. The rear of the car has a “all the way to the end” through-type LED light group design, which makes it look very young. The appearance of the RZ 450e directly expresses the sense of the future, technology and luxury.

Image Credit: Lexus.com

The interior design of the Lexus RZ 450e retains most of the design of the LF-30 concept car. In order to protect the environment, they used synthetic leather and high-quality textured panels and added shadow casting mood lighting to add some luxury. The RZ 450e steering wheel adopts the design of an aircraft steering wheel, which seems to attract the love of most car lovers, and can also experience the feeling of flying an aircraft. 

There is a 12.3-inch floating full LCD instrument, 14-inch central control screen, electronic gear lever, standard Lexus safety System+3.0 intelligent driving assistance system, and Mark Levinson advanced audio to give drivers a different music atmosphere. , and also provides the Lexus voice control system, which makes the sense of technology explode. 

It also has a color-changing panoramic sunroof, which makes the cabin space more open and transparent. Combined with the knee heating device first applied by LEXUS, it further enhances the luxury travel experience. Lexus Teammate helps to create a relaxed and comfortable travel experience; the humanized configuration shows the sincere hospitality and creates a comfortable and comfortable driving space.

The Lexus RZ 450e has a body length, width and height of 4,805 x 1,895 x 1,635mm and a wheelbase of 2,850mm. It is positioned as a pure electric compact SUV. The overall appearance of the RZ 450e directly expresses the sense of the future, technology and luxury.

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The Lexus RZ 450e has a battery capacity of 71.4kwh and can travel up to 450km. The Lexus RZ 450e is equipped with the newly developed Direct 4 electronic four-zone system front axle motor, which can provide 201hp, and the rear axle motor is 107hp, and the combined power output is 308hp/435Nm. The RZ 450e is also equipped with DC fast charging technology, so the charging efficiency is extremely high.

In the end, Lexus aims to make all cars fully electric by 2030, instead of selling gasoline vehicles as the ultimate goal.

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