Responding to Muhyiddin's defamatory allegation of writing off the debt of the FELDA settlers, Anwar demanded an apology and RM200 million in damages from Muhyiddin as the allegation has defamed his reputation.

Responding to Muhyiddin's lawyer's letter through his lawyer, Anwar said he would take legal action against Muhyiddin if he did not give a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.

Anwar Demanded An Unconditional And Unequivocal Apology From Muhyiddin

Image Credit: Anwar

Anwar demanded an unconditional and unequivocal apology from Muhyiddin, and that the apology be made through the newspapers and media designated by Anwar. Anwar also demanded that Muhyiddin immediately withdraw his lawyer's letter and all defamatory statements regarding the cancellation of the Felda debt issue.

Muhyiddin sent the letter to Anwar on July 19, asking him to producethe documents he signed as Finance Minister in late June approving the write-off of the Felda debt issue with 24 hours.

Muhyiddin later posted on Facebook again that Anwar did not respond to the request to produce the documents to write off the settlers' debt, and meet the 24-hour unconditional public apology, so he decided to sue Anwar.

Video Credit: Kinitv

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