Anwar Ibrahim claims that the criminal charges against him in the past were part of a premeditated political conspiracy. He described it as an act of revenge to get him fired and destroy his political career.

Anwar was put on public trial on several occasions

Image Credit: Bloomberg

According to the statement, Anwar stated that his record as deputy prime minister and finance minister was impeccable; he was removed from office in September 1998. This was an attempt to cause damage to his reputation and image. 

The statement also states that Anwar was put on public trial several times and sentenced to prison twice. It also points out that he defended his innocence by not backing down until he was removed from office.

For these reasons, Yang di-Pertuan Agong (Sultan Muhammad V) pardoned Anwar on May 16, 2018, restoring his image and reputation. It said the King’s decree to pardon Anwar “for the full and final extinguishment of all or any infamy against him” in respect of all three criminal offenses for which he was convicted.

Anwar sued Sanusi for allegedly making defamatory remarks about him at a political talk ahead of the 15th general election.

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