Iphone 4S

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In the early days, hundreds of iPhone 4S users collectively sued Apple, claiming that the IOS 9 operating system released at that time deliberately degraded the performance of the iPhone 4S.

Now that six years have passed, Apple has agreed to settle and is willing to set aside US$20 million (approximately RM87.86 million) in compensation and pay the affected users US$15 (approximately RM66) per device per person.

According to reports from AppleInsider and MacRumor, Apple was collectively accused by hundreds of iPhone 4S users in New York and New Jersey in 2015 that Apple falsely promoted the compatibility of the IOS 9 operating system with the iPhone 4S; when they updated to IOS 9, they found that the performance changed significantly. Poor, all operating responses become slower.

iPhone 4S

Iphone 4S
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The plaintiffs argued that Apple falsely advertised iOS 9 compatibility with the iPhone 4S, which significantly degraded the performance of their iPhone 4S devices.

Apple has been aware of the drawbacks of the system after many internal tests or other means before launching iOS 9, but it still conducts extensive marketing activities to allow users of older models to update and upgrade. However, not only did the upgrade not get the advertised utility, it backfired, drastically reducing the performance of their device.

According to the settlement, Apple will set aside $20 million (about RM87.59 million) to compensate iPhone 4S users in New York and New Jersey who are affected by the “slowdown”. It is reported that according to the initial settlement agreement, Apple needs to pay 5 million to 15 million US dollars in compensation.

However, in the end, Apple only pays 15 US dollars to each victim, which is far from the original settlement agreement. The $15 compensation is based on the current price of the iPhone 4s in the second-hand market.

In addition, Apple will set up a website so that customers who receive compensation can submit a form, providing their name, email, iPhone 4S serial number and mailing address.

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