Apple Senior Executive Leaves Iphone Maker After This Remark

Tony Blevins is Apple’s senior executive in Apple’s supply chain operations. The company confirms that Tony Blevins is leaving without providing any reason. A TikTok video shows that the executive remarked on women.

Tony Blevins was heard saying, “I have rich cars, play golf and fondle big-breasted women,,” in reply to the question on what he did for a living. Daniel Mac is a TikTok content creator. Daniel approached Blevins at a car show in a video series in which he asked owners of cars about their occupations.

Apple senior executive leaves iPhone maker after this REMARK

Apple Senior Executive Leaves Iphone Maker After This Remark

Both Mac and Blevins laughed at the remark. Bloomberg reported that Blevens referred to an identical line spoken by the main character in the film “Arthur”. Apple did not comment on the rationales for the departure of Blevins.

Reuters did not succeed in reaching Blevins for comment. Blevins released a statement apologising for his “mistaken attempt at humour. His job involved lining up suppliers for each of the components in Apple’s products and ensuring that Apple got the best prices for the components.

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