Recently, the sixth season of "Back to field" began airing on Hunan TV, Huang Lei, He Jiong, Lay Zhang, Peng Yu Chang and Zhang Zifeng live in a fishing village in Hainan province, facing the sea with spring blossoms.

Back To Field

Huang lei has been looking forward to going to the Maldives since the first season of the series. Now, mushroom house members finally realize the island dream, the destination is Sha Yu Tang Village. However, from the “wow” of mushroom house members and the audience, it can be identified that the surprise value of Sha Yu Tang Village is beyond imagination.

The mushroom house in Sha Yu Tang Village is a small building with white brick and red tile near the sea. It is a single-family kitchen built with stones, simple and natural. Single bedroom, with its own flower bed, quiet and exquisite; The small terrace on the second floor is specially for overlooking the blue sky and healing the body and mind.

What’s so special about a little-known fishing village? Once the new season of “Back To Field” began, the search heat of Sha Yu Tang Village climbed straight. It is reported that Sha Yu Tang Village is located in the western part of Hainan, and the original coastal landscape is preserved around the village, which is a charming place for tourists to see at first sight.

Back To Field

The show revealed that this season, “Back To Field” for mushroom house site selection, searching for a number of fishing villages, ports, the final selection of Sha Yu Tang Village. It can be said that this small fishing village is a business card to convey the “blue positive energy” of human harmony.

“DIY, abundant food and clothing” has always been the value concept that yearning for Life actively advocates and endeavors to practice. In the past five seasons, the program has constantly designed game rules around the theme of “labor”, promoted the plot narrative, and accompanied the audience to experience the beauty of labor in multiple ways. In the first phase of the sixth season, the program team explained the new gameplay of this season in detail by the intuitive sand table of sand Fishing pond village. Members can go fishing and swim offshore, completing a mission for each creature they unlock. Members can also learn to cook local delicacies such as Dongshan goat, Wenchang Chicken, Helle crab and Jiaji duck, and participate in local activities such as shelter forest patrols. Many netizens said, “It’s healing and meaningful!”

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