Thousands of residents who had tested negative for Covid-19 were evacuated to quarantine hotels after multiple infections in Beijing.

Beijing has begun to take extreme control measures like Shanghai. Since late April, the Omicron variant has infected more than 1,300 victims causing restaurants, schools and tourist attractions to be closed.

China’s strategy to achieve zero Covid-19 cases includes strict border closures, extended quarantines, mass and rapid testing, also targeted shutdowns.

More than 13,000 residents were evacuated to quarantine hotels on May 20 after 26 new infections were detected in Nanxinyuan residential compound a few days ago.

Authorities from Chaoyang district said that, all Nanxinyuan residents will undergo a seven-day centralized quarantine starting midnight on May 21.

Image Source: Epochtime

Covid-19-negative residents queueing in the dark, forced to send to quarantine causing public outrage.

There are photos found on social media showing hundreds of residents queuing up in the dark with luggage and forcibly transferred to hotels for quarantine, causing public outrage among the residents.

Some of them have been quarantined for 28 days since April 23, during they were all confirmed negative during that period, based on a resident’s Weibo.

“Most of my neighbours are elderly or having young children, while this relocation makes us feel like we’re in a time of war,” he said.

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