During the night, a fire broke out and the servants in the mansion were evacuated.

Brigitte Lin

In fact, this is just Brigitte Lin a mansion, not her home. So, when the fire broke out, Brigitte Lin was not here, fortunately, there were no casualties, but to see the fire in the hospital, indoor items should be burned out.

Brigitte Lin

As can be seen from the photos, Brigitte Lin mansion here is very hidden, and the wall is super high. Hospital also keeps many big Wolf dog and see in the TV mansion compound have a ratio, even more than. Hospital buildings scattered, brilliant lights, presumably there should be a lot of precious collection.

Brigitte Lin

In fact, this mansion is Brigitte Lin’s husband Michael Ying Lee-yuen gave her wedding anniversary gift, originally did not have such a large area, but later Michael Ying Lee-yuen for safety, will also buy the land on both sides of the mansion. In order to prevent thieves from breaking in, the walls are built super high and guarded by security guards around the clock. It’s no exaggeration to say this is a super castle.

Because here is a hill, so you can overlook the whole person Hong Kong buildings, quite magnificent. There are also a lot of rare trees, flowers and gardens, and even a lot of really expensive birds. In the past there were square birds skimming over the water, just like a fairyland.

Brigitte Lin

Brigitte Lin mansion is worth HK $1.1 billion!

Brigitte Lin in the past will come here to enjoy leisure, so the Internet users guess that there should be a lot of Brigitte Lin collection of calligraphy and painting, even Brigitte Lin’s own calligraphy and painting and books, but this time the fire should be little left, it is a pity. Brigitte has yet to speak out.

It is reported that the mansion is worth 1.1 billion Hong Kong dollars, about 900 million yuan, is the real luxury mansion of the luxury mansion. Internet users said they had not seen the property but saw dozens of nannies and security guards outside and knew how big it was.

Brigitte Lin 1.1 billion mansion fire, mansion interior exposure, there are precious birds in the hospital like a wonderland. Hope relevant departments can also find out the cause of the fire as soon as possible, and hope that such things will not happen again.

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