About RM4,607,800 worth of casino chips were stolen from Genting Casino.

The police received a report from the security manager of Genting Casino on the 28th of last month and immediately sent officers to the scene to investigate. During the investigation, the police found that one of the casino’s VIP rooms had been broken into. The chips placed inside had also disappeared.

Theft Case At Genting Casino Is Still Under Investigation

Genting Casino

According to sources, some of the chips have already been converted into cash. The police are still investigating and have arrested 10 people.

It is rumored that the masterminds of the theft may have included internal casino staff. It is believed that the two suspects, who were captured on CCTV, went to the casino to familiarize themselves with the environment before the incident. After stealing the chips, the two men passed them on to their accomplices, who then dispersed them through multiple channels.

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