There was rumors saying 39-year-old Danson Tang  is dating Becky Su, a mixed blood girl but has never admitted to the romance in the past. News broke out that Danson Tang have proposed to his girlfriend without warning in the final of “Call Me By Fire”, and the other party agreed to Danson Tang’s proposal!

Although it was a happy event, netizens said the whole proposal process was very temporary. Danson Tang proposed because he was named by the other contestants, and it happened that Becky Su was there!

Danson Tang Issue A Clarification

Danson Tang
Image Credit: Tvbs News

After seeing the netizens’ comments, Danson Tang issues a clarification. In his post, he said that he was chatting with the other contestants when he brought up the proposal and said that he couldn’t find the right time. He didn’t realize that the other contestants would take it to heart and also create an opportunity for him on the day of the finale.

Danson Tang also said that the proposal was already in his plan and it was not something he did because he was pushed or forced to do it. He stated that since he is not good with words, he is prone to often. Not reacting immediately in the moment is what caused this misunderstanding among netizens.

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